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MikroTik Cloud Core Router 1.7GHz 4GB of DDR4 RAM RouterOS L6, 16x Gigabit Ethernet ports
SKU: CCR2004-16G-2S+
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MikroTik 1.4GHz per core 1 GB RAM RouterOS L5 Ultimate Heavy-Duty Home Lab Router
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TP-Link Omada Gigabit VPN Router
SKU: ER605
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MikroTik CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS 12 x 10G SFP+ and 2 x 25G SFP28 Ports RouterOS, License Level 6
SKU: CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS
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MikroTik RB3011UiAS-RM
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MikroTik 2 x 25 Gigabit PCIe Ethernet adapter 25W 4GB RAM RouterOS, level 6
SKU: CCR2004-1G-2XS-PCIe
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MikroTik NAND 512 MB, 1GB RAM, CPU 4 core AL21400 1.4 GHz, RouterOS L5
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MikroTik RB960PGS hEX PoE Gigabit Router
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MikroTik RB1100x4 1U Rackmount Router 13x Gigabit Ethernet ports
SKU: RB1100x4
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Mikrotik RB1100Dx4 Dude Edition
SKU: RB1100Dx4
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MikroTik RB960PGS-PB PowerBox Pro
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MikroTik RB760iGS hEX S
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MikroTik Cloud Core Router 2216 Gigabit Ethernet 16GB of RAM RouterOS (License level 6)
SKU: CCR2216-1G-12XS-2XQ
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MikroTik CCR1009-7G-1C-PC 7x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x Combo port (SFP or Gigabit Ethernet)
SKU: CCR1009-7G-1C-PC
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MikroTik RouterBOARD 750Gr3
SKU: RB750Gr3
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MikroTik RB750P-PBr2 PowerBox
SKU: RB750P-PBr2
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MikroTik MT-HotSwapFan
SKU: MT-HotSwapFan
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MikroTik Cloud Core Router CCR1016-12G
SKU: CCR1016-12G
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MikroTik 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit SFP+, 1.4 GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, v7 RouterOS
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